SentryGlas® , SentryGlas® ExpressionsButacite®  and TROSIFOL®  all make up the complete Kuraray Interlayers Solutions portfolio. Each product brings a unique and special characteristic to the table and serves the architectural and automotive market differently.

Butacite® polyvinyl butyral (PVB) thermoplastic sheet materials are tough, resilient safety interlayers used in laminated architectural and automotive glass and it’s sold in the Americas as well as in the Asia Pacific Region.  In Europe, Middle East and Africa PVB supply is handled by the TROSIFOL® business unit.

Kuraray is a leading worldwide supplier of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers for use in laminated safety glass, and the only manufacturer offering high-quality PVB interlayers in a choice of either virgin (Butacite®) or 100% post-industrial recycled (Butacite® G) materials.

In automotive applications, Butacite® and Butacite® G interlayers add strength to traditional glass by reinforcing the glass and making it safer when broken. The interlayer is flexible, absorbing impact energy, reducing potential injuries related to shattered or broken glass. The interlayer is available in clear or solid tints, and the clear can be supplied with tinted shade bands to reduce sun glare in vehicle cabins.

In architectural applications, Butacite® and Butacite® G PVB interlayers offer similar safety advantages, but also is used to improve architectural building designs and control light transmission.

Along with TROSIFOL and SentryGlas, Kuraray has the most complete laminated glass portfolio in the world.

  • Automotive windshields
  • Architectural standard laminated glass applications