Styrenic block copolymers are the building blocks of products we touch every day. With our flexibility in processing, Kuraray Elastomers are the top choice for consumers.



KURARITY is Kuraray’s latest innovation in thermoplastic elastomers. Tri-block and di-block acrylic-based polymers offer maximum transparency, flexibility, and adhesion. They can be extruded into a wide variety of applications, such as film or profiles. Alternatively, KURARITY can be used as an additive to improve compatibility or modify polar plastics.


Kuraray Liquid Isoprene Rubber®

Kuraray Liquid Isoprene Rubber (LIR) is a viscous rubber additive that is used in kneading and cross-linking rubber when shaping and processing. LIR works as a reactive plasticizer and can replace the natural mineral oil present in rubber, reducing oozing and spoiling in the shaping and molding process.


Kuraray SEPTON™

What is SEPTON? SEPTON is a series of high-performance thermoplastic rubbers using isoprene technology. It consists of a series of hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers that exhibit rubber-like properties over a wide range of temperatures and hardnesses. Prior to processing, the polystyrene end blocks are in rigid domains. In the presence of heat and shear, the […]


Kuraray HYBRAR™

What is HYBRAR? HYBRAR is a high-performance thermoplastic rubber that exhibits superior vibration dampening properties as well as excellent clarity when blended with polypropylene. HYBRAR has vinyl branching in the midblock, which gives it vibration-dampening properties at normal-use temperatures. It is commonly used in medical bags and tubing, sporting goods, automotive products, and construction.