Kuraray resins and specialty plastics play a key part in almost every facet of life. From food packaging to glass film, Kuraray plastics help make the world work better.


Kuraray EVAL™

EVAL can help food producers and distributors make packaging more efficient, avoiding waste while conserving energy and resources, as well as reducing the total amount of packaging materials. Just 1 mm of this ethylene vinyl-alcohol (EVOH) copolymer has the same gas barrier properties as a 10-meter-thick wall of standard low-density polyethylene. With such performance, an EVAL […]



KURARISTER is the latest innovation from Kuraray for barrier packaging. Specifically for use in retort food packaging, KURARISTER is highly transparent and easily processable, and it provides a strong gas barrier without risk of cracking.


Kuraray Poval® and Elvanol®

Kuraray’s polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resins, Kuraray Poval® and Elvanol®, are diverse in their applications as well as processing. Known for their excellent film formation, emulsifying power, and adhesion to the substrate, Kuraray PVOH resins can be used throughout the industry. Kuraray Poval® and Elvanol® resins are produced by saponification of polyvinyl acetate, specifically using a […]


Kuraray EXCEVAL™

EXCEVAL is a water-soluble, modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) polymer developed by Kuraray. Combining Kuraray Poval and ethylene vinyl alcohol (a building block of Kuraray EVAL), EXCEVAL shares many of the properties of EVAL and Poval, including EVAL’s gas barrier characteristic and Poval’s coat-ability. The unique qualities of EXCEVAL invite a wide range of potential applications.


Kuraray Mowiflex® TC

Mowiflex TC is a new type of polymer compound tailored specifically to the needs of thermoplastic processing. Based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), Mowiflex TC can be used in all common thermoplastic processes, including blown film extrusion and injection molding. It can also be combined with other polymers to modify the properties of the end product.


Kuraray Mowital® and PIOLOFORM

Kuraray Mowital and PIOLOFORM (polyvinyl butyral) are a building blocks for specialty coatings and films, including Kuraray TROSIFOL. Based on Kuraray POVAL (PVOH), Mowital and PIOLOFORM are created by acetalising POVAL using butyraldehyde. Varying recipes of polyvinyl butyral allow for flexibility in applications, from glass film to specialty inks and coatings.   Molecular Structure The […]



Industry-leading TROSIFOL films have made glass safer for over 60 years. TROSIFOL is a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film designed for architectural, solar, and automotive laminated safety glass applications. With its excellent edge stability, high mechanical strength, and impressive durability, TROSIFOL provides superb impact resistance for use in burglary, hurricane, bullet, and blast resistant windows. For […]


Kuraray Genestar™

Genestar is a polyamide engineering plastic developed from a unique C9 monomer. Genestar properties include low water absorption, high heat resistance, high chemical resistance, and dimensional precision. Its applications range from electrical to automotive parts. It offers a superior cost-performance alternative to traditional materials such as ETFE, PA6, and PA12.