KURARISTER™ is the latest innovation from Kuraray for barrier packaging.

Specifically for use in retort food packaging, KURARISTER is highly transparent and easily process-able, and it provides a strong gas barrier without risk of cracking.

  • Flexibility in retort treatment (including hot water, spray, and steam retort)
  • More reliable than metalized films
  • Strong adhesive strength
  • Maintains properties even when flexed during handling of package
  • Solvent and water-based inks can be used on KURARISTER
  • Scratch and crack resistant
  • Coated on both sides to ensure barrier is reliable
  • Easy processing
  • Strong gas barrier
  • Improved shelf appeal and visibility
  • Vacuum pouch
  • VFFS
  • Retail pouch (SUP and flat pouch)
  • Alternative to aluminum foil