The University of California has published two new studies demonstrating the benefits of high-barrier TIF agricultural films.
Methods evaluated to minimize emissions from preplant soil fumigation
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Totally impermeable film retains fumigants, allowing lower application rates in strawberry
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“Many commodities depend on preplant soil fumigation for pest control to achieve healthy crops and profitable yields. Under California regulations, minimizing emissions is essential to maintain the practical use of soil fumigants, and more stringent regulations are likely in the future.
The phase­out of methyl bromide as a broad­spectrum soil fumigant has created formidable challenges. Most alternatives registered today are reg­ulated as volatile organic compounds because of their toxicity and mobile nature. Fumigant lost to atmospheric emissions not only contributes to air pollution, but also translates into wasted resources intended for soil pest control.”
High barrier TIF (“Totally Impermeable Film”) helps retain fumigants where they are needed, improving yields while reducing both emissions and waste. The two UC studies demonstrate TIF’s effectiveness compared to alternative films.

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