Kuraray Co., Ltd. announced today the FY Q3 Earnings Report from their headquarters in Japan. Kuraray’s fiscal year runs April to April, with the 2013 year beginning April 1, 2013.

About Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Kuraray was founded in 1926 for the purpose of commercializing synthetic rayon, which was cutting edge technology at the time. In the 1950s, during the post-World War II rebuilding period, Kuraray became Japan’s first domestic producer of synthetic fiber. Kuraray became a world leader in the commercialization of PVA (poval) fiber under the KURALON brand, ushering in Japan’s pioneering era in the chemical synthetic fiber industry. Kuraray now produces over 100 different products ranging from chemicals to resins to speciality fibers.

To view the Q3 report visit: http://www.kuraray.co.jp/en/ir/library/pdf/account/130205_en.pdf

For more information visit: www.kuraray.co/jp/en