) Kuraray’s TROSIFOL PVB films have been approved by PPG Industries as a Certified Interlayer. This prominent designation recognizes TROSIFOL’s knowledge and product quality in architectural laminated glass constructions.

PPG Industries offers accredited certifications to glass producers and laminators. In TD-512 and TD-514, PPG added seven TROSIFOL interlayers to their approved list. The new interlayers include TROSIFOL BG R10, R15, R20, HR 100, SC+, XT SP, and Colour®. These product additions have expanded PPG’s recommendations regarding the assembly of low-e coatings in contact with interlayers materials.

“The PPG certification shows the great strides that TROSIFOL has made in listening to our customers’ needs, which is our priority,” commented Christian Amad, Director of the TROSIFOL Division for North America.

Kuraray TROSIFOL has excellent clarity, including the industry-standard low yellowness index, while still maintaining 99% UV blockage and impact strength. By imparting minimal color to glass products, end-users can have the protection and the clarity that they desire.

About Kuraray TROSIFOL

TROSIFOL is a world leading manufacturer of highly specialized plastic films that are supplied to the glass industry where it is used in laminated safety glass (LSG). These films are manufactured from polyvinyl butyral (PVB). TROSIFOL film transforms the glass to allow for new properties, including: impact and penetration resistance, fragment retention on breakage, sound protection, UV protection etc., on a scale that the glass would never achieve without this special film. TROSIFOL can be found in car windshields, skyscrapers and in ground-level windows and overhead glazing, such as in glass roofs over terraces. For more information, visit: www.trosifol.com/en.