HOUSTON — Officials with Kuraray America, Inc. today announced that prices will increase by 11 cents per pound of all commercial and XEP grades of EVAL™ EVOH resin. Kuraray America is notifying customers of the change, which will go into effect Sept. 1, 2014 or as contracts allow.

The price increase is due to a fundamental rise in raw material costs, which have significantly impacted Kuraray America’s manufacturing operations. Customers are advised to contact their sales representatives with any questions relating to this announcement.

About Kuraray
Founded in 1926, Japan-based Kuraray is a world leader in performance-based polymer and synthetic chemistry technologies, including resins, chemical, fibers and textiles. It was the first entity in the world to bring polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) synthetic fiber to market. The company operates 19 subsidiaries around the world, including Kuraray America, Inc., which is headquartered in Houston. The U.S. division is focused on becoming an integrated supplier with complete portfolio of coatings and compounds for the food, glass, packaging and oil & gas sectors. For more information, visit www.kuraray.co.jp/en.

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Deborah Carpenter
Kuraray America, Inc.

Jessica Ballard
Griffin Communications Group