Kuraray expands into bio-based barrier materials
Notice Concerning the Acquisition of Australia-based Plantic Technologies Limited

Kuraray (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaaki Ito) is pleased to announce completion
of the acquisition of all of the shares in Plantic Technologies Limited (based in Australia and hereinafter
referred to as Plantic), which is engaged in the bio-based barrier film business, from Gordon Merchant
No.2 Pty Ltd on April 2, 2015.
Objective of the Acquisition
Kuraray expands into bio-based barrier materials through the acquisition of Plantic.
Kuraray was the first to commercialize the high-performance barrier resin, EVAL (ethylene vinyl alcohol
copolymer), which it launched in 1972. EVAL boasts the highest level of gas barrier properties of all
plastics and is the market leading barrier resin used in food packaging and industrial barrier
applications. In addition Kuraray has developed and launched KURARISTER a transparent barrier film
for retort applications.
The acquisition of Plantic enables Kuraray to provide barrier materials which meets the increasing
global demand of bio-based food packaging materials. This is in line with Kuraray’s corporate mission
“we in the Kuraray Group are committed to opening new fields of business using pioneering technology
and contributing to an improved natural environment and quality of life”. As a world leading producer of
barrier materials, Kuraray will further develop its business through the addition of Plantic’s best in class
bio-based barrier material.
Plantic is a global leader in bio-based barrier materials. PLANTIC film is used in a broad range of
products in the barrier packaging sector and is supplying major supermarkets and brand owners on
three continents (Australia, North America and Europe) in applications such as fresh case ready beef,
pork, lamb and veal, smoked and processed meats, chicken, and fresh seafood and pasta applications.
Kuraray expects that its global sales network will assist to develop the bio-based barrier business in
Europe, USA and Asia, responding to the global demand of improved freshness, reduced food loss and
waste with the use of environmentally friendly material, PLANTIC film.
In the Australian market PLANTIC film is well known and is being used by a major supermarket. In the
United States, the largest meat consumer country, Plantic has commenced supply to a number of brand
owners and retailers and Kuraray will further develop Plantic’s business including the potential
establishment of a production base or an alliance with third parties. In Japan where the demand for
extension of shelf life for fresh meat and other fresh food is increasing, Kuraray can assist its customers
to reduce food loss and waste with the environmentally friendly material, PLANTIC film. These market
developments are expected to expand the bio-based barrier material business and we expect to
achieve revenue of JPY 10 billion globally over the next 3 years.