Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaaki Ito) hereby announces that CLARINO, a man-made leather it has been marketing for 50 years, will be exhibited at LINEAPELLE, the world’s largest leather trade show held during September 9 to 11, 2015 in Milano, Italy.

In recent years, man-made leather materials have been attracting growing interest as alternatives to natural leather along with increasing demand in emerging countries and rising livestock feed prices among other factors. At the trade show, Kuraray will present CLARINO, a man-made leather boasting world-leading quality, to designers and buyers from the world’s apparel and leather goods industries. The Company also intends to display CLARINO variations co-developed in tandem with Italian tanners, who have a long tradition in fine leather work using natural leather, for luxury brand houses.

Over the nearly half century since its release in November 1965, CLARINO has garnered favorable customer reviews. The enduring strength of this product’s popularity is, we believe, attributable to its world-leading performance, which encompasses superior physical properties, including durability and a comparatively lighter weight. As we embark on the milestone year marking CLARINO’s 50th anniversary, we are renewing our commitment to taking on the challenge of realizing further innovation. Under the newly formulated product theme “Re Create,” we will strive to develop next-generation product lines capable of accommodating requirements for environment-friendly manufacturing processes while offering superior moldability, a texture that is even more akin to natural leather and suitability for use in the high-fashion field.

About Clarino

CLARINO is Kuraray’s trademarked man-made leather. Employing a unique chemical process, Kuraray became the first in the world to develop a man-made leather with a structure that closely resembles the complex structure of natural leather (animal skin). Since it is strong, lightweight and easy to care for, CLARINO is widely used for men’s and women’s footwear, Randoseru (school bags), business bags and camera cases as well as sports equipment, including shoes, balls and gloves that require superior strength and functionality. Moreover, the product lineup includes abrasive cloths and decorative materials. Kuraray has also developed TIRRENINA, a man-made leather produced using an environment-friendly manufacturing process. With its appearance and texture being more like natural leather than its competitors,TIRRENINA boasts the greater functionalities that only man-made leather can provide. Looking ahead, Kuraray will help the man-made leather market grow as a leading manufacturer in this product category.