Kuraray at Interpack 2017, 4-10 May at Messe Düsseldorf

Kuraray is a world leader in high barrier plastic raw materials used for food packaging. A wide range of functional barrier plastic products help reduce food and packaging waste, while extending freshness and shelf life. Kuraray plastics ensure food quality by blocking oxygen ingress while locking aroma inside. They also help keep food safe by blocking external contamination like odour and harmful mineral oils found in recycled carton board.

There is a Kuraray barrier plastic product suited to virtually any processing method, from coextrusion to lamination to solution coating. Kuraray is also extending its barrier product range into biopolymers, reducing waste at all stages of the food product life cycle, while reducing the environmental footprint of the packaging products themselves.

Kuraray has long been present at Interpack, traditionally focusing on its EVAL™ EVOH barrier resins and monolayer film. This year we will double our presence, to introduce our wider barrier plastic product portfolio for food packaging.

OA South, Stand IPP10

Save Food with Kuraray (from field to fork)

Kuraray is a member of the Save Food Initiative, which has organised a special exhibition area at Interpack in OA South, located between Halls 2 and 3. Here you will find the full range of Kuraray barrier plastics on stand IPP10, to see how they save food, protect value, and avoid waste.

These include:

– EVAL™ EVOH: The world’s first commercial and leading EVOH high barrier copolymer, available as resin for coextrusion and coinjection, and as monolayer film for lamination.

– EXCEVAL™: water soluble EVOH used for solution coating

– PLANTIC™: starch-based biopolymer for compostable barrier solutions

– KURARISTER™: high barrier transparent retortable film for Al replacement

Kuraray barrier plastics are used at different stages of the food product life cycle, reducing waste and environmental impact during food production, processing, transport, distribution, and at end of life.

Several products help reduce the amount of packaging materials necessary without compromising on function, helping to reach the optimal balance of packaging and performance.

PLANTIC™ stands out as a compostable biopolymer, with the high barrier function coming from renewable sources that do not complete with food chains. New PLANTIC™ CF combines PLANTIC™ barrier biopolymer technology with PBS, offering a fully compostable yet functional barrier sealant for food packaging.

All Kuraray barrier plastics provide halogen-free chemistry, with high enough performance to replace glass and metal with light weight, recyclable and now even compostable functional alternatives for food packaging.

Hall 10, D63

Safe Food with EVAL™ EVOH

We will have a second exhibition space at Intepack in Hall 10, stand D63. In addition to Save Food in OA South, this area will focus on Safe food with EVAL™ EVOH.

EVAL™ EVOH provides exceptional protection against the migration of MOSH/MOAH mineral oils and other dangerous substances that can migrate into packaged food, notably from recycled carton board.   EVAL™ offers a proven effective barrier against MOSH and MOAH with layer thickness of just 4µm. This functional barrier also works against oxygen and gas migration, extending food shelf life and avoiding waste even as it protects the food from outside contamination.

EVAL™ barrier blocks mineral oil migration from ALL sources – from recycled carton board primary packaging but also from the carton boxes (and any other possible sources) used during shipment and storage.

Recyclable multilayer structures – wider opportunities for the use of post-consumer PP waste.

Our Hall 10 stand D63 will also highlight recycling of post-consumer PP waste. New trials have again confirmed that multilayer barrier structures with EVAL™ will not disrupt PP recycling streams. In fact, thanks to their use as a functional barrier (as well as an oxygen and aroma barrier), EVAL™ offers new opportunities for the safe use of post-consumer PP-based waste.

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