September 15, 2017


HOUSTON – Kuraray America, Inc. facilities in Houston, TX are operating normally following Hurricane Harvey. Our facilities, including the EVAL™ EVOH Plant, Kuraray’s Research and Technical Center, and the product warehouse, sustained no damage. The EVAL Plant did go into a planned shutdown prior to Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the Houston area as a precautionary measure.

EVAL™ EVOH production resumed without incident on all four production lines at the EVAL Plant as soon as it was safe to do so. Kuraray facilities in Japan and Europe continue to operate normally to produce EVAL™ EVOH. The company reports that the Customer Service group, IT infrastructure, servers, and ERP systems remained operational through the entire event to manage shipments to customers.

“Our commitment to manage the risks associated with manufacturing EVAL™ EVOH globally is clearly stated in our business mission: To operate in a safe and an environmentally responsible manner to produce the products required to meet our customer’s needs,” explained Roman Barski, Senior Director of Sales. “We vigilantly balance the safety of our people and our assets while meeting our commitments to our customers. Lessons learned from past weather events have prepared us to create action plans to secure our plant sites and finished goods inventories in advance of such events.”

About Kuraray

Founded in 1926, Kuraray Co., Ltd is a world leader in specialty chemicals, polymers, fibers and textiles. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Kuraray has over 7,000 employees worldwide with over 800 in the United States. Kuraray’s regional headquarters for the Americas is based in Houston, Texas, and operates under the legal name, Kuraray America, Inc. For more information, visit

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