Our teams from Kuraray Poval and Monosol will be in Charleston, NC September 4th & 5th at the Specialty & Agro Chemicals America Conference, showcasing solutions for the Agriculture industry.

Seed coatings have become an important contributor to successful production in agriculture. Our newest innovation in KURARAY POVAL™ resin boosts agricultural success through efficiencies in seed coating for improved germination and growth, planting precision, and reduced dust. It also reduces the amount of pesticides required and improves environmental and human safety.

Further applications in fertilizer sticks and films, soil aggregation, and erosion reduction help make every seed count.

MonoSol’s soluble films are effective in packaging dry ingredients, wettable powders, granulars, gels and concentrated liquid active ingredients, and provide worker protection, convenience of use, precise dosing and safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendly secondary container disposal.

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