The Kuraray Elastomers Team will be in Cleveland, OH, October 8-10 at the International Elastomers Conference, showcasing innovative applications in Rubber. Kuraray’s range of elastomer products continue to provide opportunities for innovation in performance, process and design across multiple industries including Automotive, Sports, Household, Medical and more.

On October 9th at 3:45 pm Osamu Yoneji will present Improved Winter Tire Performances with Liquid Rubber, (Session C21, Room 26A);

“Kuraray has developed a series of liquid rubber products with molecular weights ranging from a few thousands to a hundred thousand. These polymers, which consist of isoprene, butadiene, styrene and a new, bio-based monomer “Farnesene”, can be used by tire manufacturers to achieve improvements in processing and tire performances. Liquid Farnesene rubber contributes to advantaged vehicle fuel economy through reduction in tire rolling resistance. Additionally, we know that Liquid Farenesene rubber offers improvement of ice grip performance compared to oil and other conventional liquid rubbers.”



More about Kuraray’s Elastomer Products:

  • SEPTONthermoplastic elastomer – Providing excellent moldability and recyclability, SEPTON resin is used in a wide range of fields such as automobiles, home appliances and household products. Application examples include soft-touch rubber on the grip area of toothbrushes and razor blades, hammers, toys and sports equipment.
  • HYBRAR™ high-performance thermoplastic rubber – Exhibiting superior vibration damping and shock absorption properties, HYBRAR™ also has excellent clarity when blended with polypropylene. Unlike PVC, products manufactured using HYBRAR™ do not need a plasticizer, which reduces the environmental impact of production. Application examples include sports equipment, medical tubing and packaging, adhesives, coatings, sealants, hearing protection, floor coverings, shoes, consumer goods, automotive components, housing and construction, and more.
  • KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER – KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER is a highly-viscous synthetic rubber that is colorless, transparent and almost entirely odorless, with low VOCs. It has strong tackiness and adhesive properties and improves hardness. Using KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER during the rubber compounding phase significantly reduces processing time while maintaining the rubber compound’s physical properties. It is commonly used in tires, belts, hoses, rubber goods, tapes, shoes, lubricants and bonding agents, and more.


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