Our Vectran and Elastomers teams joined forces this year at the 2020 Advanced Wire and Cable Conference in Atlanta, GA February 3-4, to present Kuraray’s innovative solutions.

In an industry where strength, resilience and durability are key, the unique characteristics of Kuraray’s products offer significant advantages. Putting the science of Kuraray to work for our customers has allowed us to develop a wide range of chemicals, fibers, and resins to meet their specific needs.

From cables that provide superior abrasion resistance to elastomers tailored to protect systems operating in some of the harshest environments in the world, Kuraray has innovative technologies and expertise which help optimize performance.

Kuraray is proud to Sponsor this event and to bring our unique technologies to the Wire and Cable market.

More about Kuraray’s Innovations for Wire and Cable


KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER (KLR) used in medium and high-voltage insulating wires and cables, cable electrical terminals and polymeric insulators KLR offers significant performance enhancements including optimum hardness compression set improvement, high hardness compounds, processability, metal adhesion, low VOCs, and no migration with excellent curing kinetics. It is co-vulcanizable with base rubber such as NR/IIR/SBR/BR/EPDM which reduces migration, and is colorless and odorless with low VOCs.


VECTRAN™ is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). With exceptional strength and rigidity, VECTRAN is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum on a pound for pound basis. VECTRAN’s high strength with virtually no creep allows the fiber to be manufactured into high-performance ropes and cables. High tensile properties provide thinner cables with high strength and stiffness with low elongation, superior abrasion resistance in rugged locations and reduction of blistering during the extrusion of coatings and jackets.

Applications include: internal tension/strain relief, protective jackets or harnesses, overbraids for higher burst pressures.

SEPTON™ is a series of styrenic-based thermoplastic rubbers. Their block copolymer structure consists of styrene-based hard blocks and a hydrogenated polydiene soft block. These hydrogenated di-block and tri-block styrene copolymers exhibit rubber-like properties over a broad temperature range. Due to its thermoplastic properties, SEPTON™ is recyclable.

SEPTON™ 1020 can be used as a cable-filling compound, to prevent water seepage and fill the voids in groups of wires such as telephone cables. It is a Styrene Ethylene Propylene Block Copolymer (SEP) material. The SEP structure provides excellent clarity and good flowability. The main areas of application for the 1000 series are adhesives, clear sealants, automotive products, and cable/wire insulation.

FREEMAGIC™ cord wrap can clean up your chaotic cables fast. These ties are hook and loop material, made to last and easy to handle. Their one-piece design with loops standing above hooks construction offers an article that doesn’t scratch the skin or snag fabric, resulting in consistent closure power without lint collection. The soft, premium 100% polyester material is safe to use on high-performance cables, is UL Certified and passes FMVSS-302, more flame retardant than standard materials, and is anti-static. The FREEMAGIC cord management solution is available in a variety of colors and dimensions to handle nearly any application.

Applications include: anti-static features for semiconductor applications, fastening for automotive applications, securing objects for nautical applications, and push stick closure for aviation applications.

About Kuraray

Kuraray is a global leader in specialty chemical, fiber, and resin production. We offer a broad range of performance chemicals and work with customers side-by-side starting from the research and development stage to understand how to develop solutions for the design challenges they face. Kuraray’s extensive technical resources deliver tailored solutions to meet the needs of the wire and cable industry.  We invite you to uncover more opportunities with Kuraray.