Kuraray chemicals include agricultural and pharmaceutical intermediates as well as specialty chemicals like isoprene. These products have a cleaner MMB that is safe and easy to handle. Kuraray has succeeded in becoming first in the world to commercialize a one-step synthesis method for isoprene monomers, and offers products made using various C4 derivatives and cyanide derivatives, employing its accumulated technological expertise to provide products that are cost competitive and characteristic worldwide. Specifically, developing the fine chemicals business, which encompasses commodity chemicals, functional specialty chemicals, aroma chemicals, raw materials of cosmetics, and pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical intermediates.

  • Methyl Dichloro Chrysanthemate data sheet
  • Methyl 3, 3-Dimethyl-4-Pentenoate data sheet
  • Isoprene derivatives data sheet
  • Oxo Reaction and Derivatives data sheet
  • HCM Derivatives data sheet
  • Pyridine Synthesis data sheet
  • MPD (3-Methyl-1, 5-petanediol) data sheet
  • Kuraray Polyol P-Series (Polyester) data sheet
  • Kuraray Polyol C-Series (Polycarbonate) data sheet
  • Citral-R data sheet
  • Isoprenol data sheet
  • MMB (3-Methyl-3-Methoxy-1-butanol) data sheet
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Polymers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aroma chemicals
  • Coatings