Genestar is a polyamide engineering plastic developed from a unique C9 monomer. Genestar properties include low water absorption, high heat resistance, high chemical resistance, and dimensional precision. Its applications range from electrical to automotive parts. It offers a superior cost-performance alternative to traditional materials such as ETFE, PA6, and PA12.

  • Low water absorption
  • High heat resistance
  • High chemical and hydrolysis resistance
  • Superior abrasion
  • Outside fuel barrier
  • Minimal oligomer migration
  • Strong fuel barrier
  • Excellent creep properties under humid conditions
  • Works well in thin-walled and narrow-pitch electronic application designs
  • Reduces emissions from fuel delivery components
  • Competitive cost performance
  • Extrusion and injection grades available suitable for diverse applications
  • Functions as a barrier layer for both fuel and vapor lines; low permeation and high heat resistance required
  • Genestar GN2330 data sheet, MSDS
  • Genestar GN2450 data sheet, MSDS
  • Genestar GN2450NH MSDS
  • Nylon 12 replacement application
  • SMT connectors
  • Gears for exterior wiper motors
  • Fuel tubes
  • Intercooler tanks
  • Radiator intercooler tanks
  • Lock nuts